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THE ROBO-REPORTER (8/31/17): 2 Robots With “Secret Language” FINALLY Get Shut Down!

Posted on: September 1st, 2017 by Dale Layman

Dear Noble Robo-Witness,

Well, even Mark Zuckerberg, who has publicly praised AI, finally just HAD to DO it!  Early this August, he finally had to SHUT DOWN two, totally-out-of-control,  AI chatbots on FACEBOOK!   The chatbots are technically called Lingodroids (pronounced as, LIN-goh-droyds).  These are robots that literally have “manlike tongues”!  Of course, these droids actually make sounds with speakers (not tongues).  Thankfully, these Lingodroids don’t resemble human beings!  Rather, they look more like red boxes that roll around on three wheels.  [SPECIAL NOTE:  A color photo of a Lingodroid is available at,]

These Lingodroids have neither a motor speech area, a sensory “visual” area, nor a sensory “hearing” area (unlike human brains).  Instead, they “see” by means of cameras that rotate 360 degrees, laser range finders, and sonar.  They “hear” via use of a microphone, and they audibly “talk” by means of a speaker, which emits “beeps.”  They were invented by Australian scientists at the University of Queensland, around 2011.  The scientists used them, initially, for mapping newly-encountered ground, then placing the mapped location upon a grid that includes a distinct landmark.

Robots That Create Their OWN Language – – NOT  Understood by HUMANS!

The University of Queensland researchers, unlike typical robotics engineers, did NOT program their Lingodroids, or give them any sets of keywords.  Rather, they provided the chatbots with a list of syllables or aRobo-Alphabet.”  This Robo-Alphabet was basically a collection of “beeps,” which was then stored within their “Robo-Memories.”   As the Lingodroids mapped an area, they used the stored alphabet to create their OWN words for tagging specific geographic locations.   For example, a particular droid marked a spatial location by creating its own keyword – – say, kuzo.”  Other nearby chatbots, “hearing” kuzo, quickly rolled over to the marked spot, beeping kuzo to one another.  As they kept playing this game, the chatbots began to “understand” exactly what map position that kuzo represented.  Another word, made by a chatbot from a random selection of syllables, was jaya, which meant, “in the center of the room.”  Thus, other chatbots picked up on this, until they all “understood” what the new “Robo-Word,  jaya, meant.  Even though the result was just a series of beeps, it was essentially a whole new “ROBO-Language,” that only the ROBOTS, themselves, could understand!

Facebook Shuts Down Two “ROBO-Language” Bots

Fast-forward to 2017, and we find that FACEBOOK built two Lingodroids (actually, programs).  The goal of this experiment was to see if two AI programs/chatbots, nicknamed “Alice” and “Bob,” could really learn to trade objects and barter between each other.  Unfortunately, “Alice” and “Bob” soon became FAR TOO GOOD AT IT!  The chatbots drifted off from using understandable human language, and invented new “Robo-Code Words,” thereby creating a strange ROBO-Language that only the chatbots could comprehend!

FACEBOOK quickly shut down “Alice” and “Bob,” but basically denied that there was any real fear, involved.  They said that they were trying to create a digital assistant” for us human beings.  They were, in fact, successful in creating a chatbot that could reason, “talk” with other chatbots, and “negotiate” with other chatbots.  The main problem, it seems, is that chatbots appear quick to create THEIR OWN UNIQUE ROBO-Language – – one that CANNOT be translated back into HUMAN language!

Is An A.I. “ROBO-Language” A Doomsday Signal For Mankind?

Not surprisingly, many other people not employed by FACEBOOKWERE REALLY FRIGHTENED by the entirely chatbotcreated, strange new ROBO-Language!  Consider, for instance, one reader’s reaction to this article: “Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Robots Shut Down After They Start Talking To Each Other In Their Own Language” (Andrew Griffin, The Independent, 31 July 2017).   Reader, Idelphis, stated that, “Artificial Intelligence will be the end of mankind – – Stephen Hawking.”

Carrying this argument further, consider, “Facebook Shuts Down Robots Who Invent Their Own Language.  – – Are We Ready for AI?” (Video by #SeekingTheTruth on 2017-08-08.)  “The conversation the chatbots created was without input from the researchers.  The Fear: A Sentinel AI System could be a real threat to Mankind!  Elon Musk is a strong advocate for regulating AI.   Is the development of Artificial Intelligence necessarily a GOOD thing for Mankind?  No one is certain  where the development of artificial intelligence research will take us, and for some, that is a scary prospect to entertain.  The question that looms is whether we will have to ensure that Artificially Intelligent Systems are well-regulated, to prevent some sort of a Skynet-esquire Apocalypse.  It is only with the passage of time that the answers to these questions will really be known to us!”

My Own Fretful Conclusion

“If we just SIT and WAIT, then Our Future Protection From Strong AI May Simply Come TOO LATE!”

[SPECIAL NOTE:  This Article of Warning is being repeated on both LinkedIn and on Facebook.]
















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