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Posted on: May 27th, 2017 by Dale Layman

Dear Noble Robo-Witness,

I have just watched a very revealing new video on Yahoo Finance!  It is entitled, “James Cameron:  Machines are a more valid threat than when I made ‘Terminator’.”   (Please go to,

Here are a few excerpts from Nicole Sinclair’s video interview of the Film Director, James Cameron, who made The Terminator movies:

“Cameron’s films often employ science fiction to illustrate the potential long-term consequences our actions can have on society, the economy, and the environment.  Avatar is one of them.

Cameron said that the appreciation and conservation of the land is key.  …..  ‘There’s a great sort of narrative that has meaning for us here on planet Earth in the early part of the 21st century,’ Cameron said.  ‘We’re pretty much steam rolling nature as fast as we can.‘”

“Do you think that the Machines represent a threat?” Nicole Sinclair asked.  He answered that a takeover by machines is a significant risk to the economy.  “‘I think it’s a much more valid threat than it was when Terminator was made in 1984.  Now we’re facing job displacement  due to automation.'”

Terminator features a cyborg assassin, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, which travels back in time to kill the mother of John Connor, the boy who grows up to lead the resistance against the machines.  In Cameron’s portrayal of the future, the machines are initially developed by humans to advance society.  However, this came with all sorts of unintended consequences.”


“Job displacement became a hot-button issue during the recent U.S. presidential race.  President Donald Trump’s platform blamed unfavorable labor market conditions on globalization and immigration.

Cameron argued that it was actually the automation that was displacing workers, which is the leading explanation among economists.

“‘Everyone’s always talking about ‘those damn foreigners taking our jobs,‘ he said. ‘Guess what guys, it’s not foreigners, it’s robots.’

He also pointed to the rise of artificial intelligence, which he characterized as ‘a significant threat.’ 

Cameron Warns Us:  We’re Playing With [ROBO-] Fire!

“We make a Machine that’s SMARTER than us, and we’re PLAYING WITH FIRE!  We’ve never HAD this experience, before!”


Director Cameron’s vital thoughts about the Dread Danger of Approaching Artificial Super-Intelligence (ASI) is very much in keeping with the remarks I made during my two latest ROBO-INTERVIEWS on CU TV Radio News!  Please go back and visit our two preceding blog posts on THE ROBO-REPORTER, Dear Witness, and LISTEN-IN!  – – WHY?  BECAUSE WE’RE PLAYING WITH ROBO-FIRE!



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