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THE ROBO-REPORTER (5/10/17): The SINGULARITY – – Smart Bots Will KILL Us!

Posted on: May 11th, 2017 by Dale Layman

Human Skull with Crossed Bones:  Swarms of  “Super Intelligent” Robots Will Soon Outnumber Us!

Dear Noble Robo-Witness:

Back on February 28, 2017, USA TODAY featured a most revealing (and utterly TERRIFYING) article!  Softbank CEO:  Robots To Soon Outnumber Humans, the article by Edward C. Baig startlingly warned.  Son outlines his vision for future at tech gathering, and it’s only 30 years away, the subtitle of this article shockingly informs us.


“In 30 years, your shoes will be smarter than you,” the author of this article dutifully warns us.  “That’s not meant to be an insult, but rather what Masayoshi Son [Chairman and CEO of Japan’s SoftBank Group] believes will be the case, as robots outnumber humans and exceed their intelligence in just three decades!”

The Coming AI Singularity:  “We Will Be Less [Smart] Than Our Shoes”!

The article quotes Son as saying, “‘One of the chips in our shoes in the next 30 years will be smarter than our brain.  We will be less than our shoes.  And we are stepping on them,’ Son chuckled.  Son was talking up the concept of  ‘singularity,’ that is, when the artificial intelligence [AI] built into computers, connected Internet of Things objects, and the cloud, will surpass that of the human brain.”

“As robots gain that same level of intelligence, the societal impact is likely to be profound. …..  Son notes that today, an average IQ for a person is around 100.  If you’re an Einstein or Da Vinci your IQ is around the 200 mark, and you’re considered a genius.  In contrast, Son believes AI-infused computers will eventually have an IQ of 10,000

‘This burst of super intelligence,’ he says, ‘is going to become a reality.’  And this intelligence will make its way into all sorts of IOT [Internet of Things] devices, robots, cars, and up in the cloud.”

Smart Robots To Soon Outnumber Us Human Beings

“According to Son, a population of smart robots will exceed the population of mankind over this 30-year time frame.  Such brainy robots will make up all sizes and shapes.  Some will fly, some will swim, some will have two legs, some will have hundreds of legs.”

Is The Singularity Going To Be “Good,” or Will It Be “Bad?” 

“Son wrapped up his remarks by asking whether the singularity is good or bad.  Some scholars at Oxford came up with 12 risks that threaten human intelligence, such things as nuclear war, global pandemics, and so forth.  Artificial intelligence made the list, too.”

“But AI can also be the solution for the other crises, Son says. ‘I think this superintelligence – – artificial intelligence – – is going to be our partner,’ he says.  ‘If we misuse it, it’s a risk.  If we use it in good spirit, it will be our partner for a better life.'”


My extensive research causes me to directly CONTRADICT the totally unrealistic, naively sunny predictions of Son – – who, as the Chairman and CEO of SoftBank Robotics – – is highly biased about the Grave Threat that Robots and AI  pose to our natural species, Homo sapiens!

Remember that Son predicts that swarms of “smart robots” with Artificial Super-Intelligence IQ’s of 10,000, will soon OUTNUMBER us “dumb” human beings, with our average IQ of just 100!  

Further, we have previously written about the terrifying fact that cyborgs or Transhumanists – – Man-Machine hybrids – – are already in existence, and they are spreading throughout the U.S.!  I must also relate to you, Dear Witness, that I have been warned several times by messages sent from The Transhumanist Society, as well as by The Illuminati!  As you may know, the Illuminati are Worshippers of Satan!

Now, the scientific term for cyborgs or Transhumanists is, Robo sapiens.  I have been granted the first Grand PhD in Medicine for the United States, to study the Emerging Global Problem of Homo sapiens    – – our natural human species – – having to face competition with a new “Artificial” robotic cyborg species, Robo sapiens!  

Thus, do we really think that this strange new AI (Alien Invader), Robo sapiens, is (as Son claims) “going to be our partner”?  Do we think that the Illuminati Satan Worshippers will REALLY help us to use AI in “good spirit, for a better life”?   YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!  THE DEVIL HAS OTHER THINGS IN MIND, FOR US!

Instead, we will likely have to WAGE WAR with powerful armies of both “Smart Robots,” as well as Robo sapiens (cyborgs or Transhumanists)!   Brandishing their far-superior Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) of 10,000 IQ  – – these robotic beings may well WIPE US OUT OF EXISTENCE!  – – WHY?  It will be because we dumb Homo sapiens – – with our lowly 100 IQ – – will just NOT be able to COMPETE with them!  After all, according to Son, we will be “less smart than our shoes”!  Hence, won’t we as Homo sapiens, likely face the same TOTAL EXTINCTION, as did our earlier rival, Homo neanderthal (Neanderthal Man)? 

“Tick-tock!  Tick-tock!  Tick-tock!  So Winds Down The 2045 Robo-DEATH CLOCK!”  As we can see from the estimate of 30 years from now, we face TOTAL EXTINCTION around the Year 2045 to 2047!  The AI Singularity, then, refers to the “Single” event in time, when our Human Extinction is likely to occur! 

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