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Posted on: February 22nd, 2017 by Dale Layman

7e201be9e22e75ae737914fabad14cddDear Noble Robo-Witness:

Barack ROB-ama’s “ROB-ot Fairy Land” =  The U.S. in 2016 B.T. (Before Trump)!

Now that Donald Trump has FINALLY been elected as the new President of the United States,  it is only wise for us to look back and reflect upon the largely “Unseen Robo-Cause” of Hillary Clinton’s well-deserved defeat.  She was the clueless protege of Barack ROB-ama – – U.S. “President of the ROB-ots”!  His way-too-long 8 years as President of the U.S., created “Barack ROB-ama’s ROB-ot Fairy Land”!  By this, we mean that the United States had turned ever-increasingly towards more and more robotization (bringing in of robots) and automation (the making of processes “automatic”).

A December 2, 2016, article in USA TODAY (Facebook Trying To Take Mystery Out of AI), by Jessica Guynn, looked at American consumers towards the end of ROB-ama’s ROBOTIC Realm.  It concluded that, “. . . consumers do not think AI [Artificial Intelligence] should fly airplanes, make medical diagnoses or take care of children.  And they worry about criminal use of AI and job losses. In fact, more than eight out of 10 [actually, 82%] of people surveyed said they believe advances in AI will wipe out jobs.  And that, researchers say, is not the stuff of science fiction.”  A quick glance at the Reuters photo of a giant factory robot (pictured near the top of this article), indeed, clearly shows that those fears of the 82%, were well-founded!

“The swift rise of robotics and artificial intelligence – – and, more broadly, advanced automation – – is fundamentally shifting the nature of work.  Technology might not kill off people, but it will kill off  jobs.  In fact, says Rice University computational engineering professor Moshe Vardi, it already has.”  Vardi also added that uncontrolled automation resulted in severe job losses that none of the Candidates for President really talked about during the November election process.  This was the U.S. in 2016 B.T.,” or “Before Trump”!

The same article suggests that We, The People of the United States, really WERE in Obama’s “robot fairy land” in the B.T. (“Before Trump”), late 2016 period.  “Technology investor Om Malik says it’s time for the industry to ask itself some ‘really hard questions.’  ‘Let’s start with this:  Why did so many people vote for Donald Trump?'”  The answer, of course, is lack of enough good JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

January, 2017:  The Beginning of  T.T. or Trump’s Time!

Fast forward to late January-February, 2017.  Now, we have begun T.T., that is, “Trump’s Time”!   Donald Trump is busily implementing his campaign promises – – including his laudable goal of, “Bringing Jobs Back to America”!  Most unfortunately, however, Trump still doesn’t seem to “get it,” that, as THE ROBO-REPORTER (11/8/16) begged, WAKE UP, TRUMP!  Blame Robots (Not Trade)!” Recall that a Yahoo interviewer explained in an accompanying video that, “Trump may have robots to thank for his success.”

Mark Cuban Makes A Helpful Criticism – – AGAIN!

Just one week ago, on Valentine’s Day, we posted THE ROBO-REPORTER (2/14/17):  TWO MORE HONORS!  – – Happy “Robo-” Valentine’s Day.  Under the sub-heading, Related “Robot-AI” News,  you may remember the quote from Mark Cuban, who was interviewed on THE O’REILLY FACTOR, TV show.  He crankily warned us that, “AI [Artificial Intelligence] and machines are going to replace human jobs!  So, three years from now, there will be fewer jobs!”

  At first blush, one might be tempted to doubt that this Robo-job threat is “real,” because Mark Cuban is a Democrat who has been highly critical of Donald Trump!   Nevertheless, just this morning (2/21/17), a related article was published in USA TODAY.  It was entitled, CUBAN:  TRUMP CAN’T STOP RISE OF THE ROBOTS.  Automation’s impact upon workers will be unavoidable, he says (written by Mike Snider).  “… ‘this has nothing to do with who voted for who,’ Cuban said in an e-mail exchange with USA TODAY.  ‘It’s the path technology is taking.  The biggest difference between now and the past is the speed of change.  I don’t think people realize just how quickly this is happening.’ The president is missing a key factor when it comes to job creation, Cuban last week told CNBC.  ‘I’m willing to bet these companies building new manufacturing plants, when it is all said and done these are going to end up leading to fewer people being employed,’ … and there is nothing that President Trump can do to stop that because of the trends in technology – – machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, etc. – – changing the nature of work.’  Trump’s intentions ‘may be good’ …”

“Mass unemployment ‘is going to be a massive social challenge,’ the essay quoted Tesla co-founder and  SpaceX founder Musk, saying last week at the World Government Summit in Dubai.  ‘There will be fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot do better (than a human).  These are not things that I wish will happen.  These are simply things that I think probably will happen.'”


The authors cited above, ALL point to basically the same horrific conclusion, as stated by Moshe Vardi: “The automation of society has been building for decades, …, and now it’s taking on more sophisticated tasks such as reading X-rays in the place of radiologists.  For many, the resulting job losses were a ‘rude awakening’ that played out at the ballot box during the presidential campaign … And, he predicts, those job losses are going to get worse.  By 2050, he says half of the world’s population could be out of the labor force.”

I have to ask at least two important questions for us to thoughtfully consider:  (1.) What about future job prospects for our YOUNG people, especially those just graduating from high school or college?  What are THEY supposed to do, with their hard-won (and often expensive) degrees?;  (2.)  What about all this “happy” talk from the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, about raising interest rates about three more times during 2017?  Considering the above grave concerns about Future Human “Robo-” Unemployment, do we REALLY want to make all kinds of DEBT more EXPENSIVE for people to pay-off?”

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