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THE ROBO-REPORTER (2/14/17): TWO MORE HONORS! – – Happy “Robo”- Valentine’s Day

Posted on: February 15th, 2017 by Dale Layman
(PRNewsFoto/Continental Who's Who)

(PRNewsFoto/Continental Who’s Who)

Dear Noble Robo-Witness:

I am most pleased to inform you that, just today – – Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2017 – – we have been recognized with two additional honors!   These are:  (1.)  Robowatch Member Spotlight; and a (2.)  Top Honoree Award.

More details about these awards are as follows:

(1.)  Robowatch Member Spotlight: Dr. Dale Layman, Founder Robowatch, LLC.  Pinnacle Lifetime Member Dr. Dale Pierre Layman tells all about his commitment to robotics.” 

This biographical article is featured in the Continental Who’s Who MEMBER SPOTLIGHT NEWSLETTERsent out as a Tuesday, February 14, 2017, e-mail from Continental Who’s Who and Forbes.

There is more extensive information in this source, especially about Compu-Think (Computer-like modes or ways of human thinking), than has been widely published, elsewhere.  Please let me briefly quote from this published bio:  “… Dr. Layman strongly feels that Compu-Think programs should be introduced into American [and all other nations’] schools (just as computer science has been widely adopted in our schools)!  It can help prevent the morbid state of hypercomputerization – – an ‘excessive and above normal’ (hyper-) use of computers.  Further, Compu-Think may help reduce our children’s Modern Tendency to become behaviorally addicted to computing and manifest undiagnosed signs and symptoms of psychosomatic technophilia.”

For further access to this article, please refer to several websites:;

(2.)  CMC Creative Inc. Top Honoree Award  Presented To  Dr. Dale Layman, 2017.

My Heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation go out to the leaders of both Continental Who’s Who and CMC Creative Inc.


Related “Robo-AI” News

Just tonight, I was watching THE O’REILLY FACTOR, on Fox News, TV.   Bill O’Reilly interviewed Mark Cuban, who is a prominent critic of U.S. President, Donald Trump.  They were discussing Trump’s plans to “Bring Jobs Back to America.”  Cuban was pressed by O’Reilly to admit that Trump’s stated goal of bringing companies back onto American soil, would help increase our citizens’ ability to find profitable work.  Cuban slightly agreed, but emotionally warned that Trump was missing the Big Picture issue:  “AI [Artificial Intelligence] and machines are going to replace human jobs!  So, three years from now, there will be fewer  jobs!”  I STRONGLY AGREE WITH MARK CUBAN, ON THIS DIRE JOBS FORECAST!  Simply bringing companies back to America’s shores, and  re-training and re-educating current workers to use more sophisticated technology on their jobs, will NOT BE ENOUGH!  – – WHY?  Because technology and AI just keep MARCHING ALONG!  Further, because their “progress” apparently CANNOT BE STOPPED, MANKIND IS IN GRAVE DANGER!

Follow-up Thoughts and Recommendations

Could some of you wise and caring Robo-Witnesses, reach out and contact Bill O’Reilly and Mark Cuban?   I plan to do this!  So, how about YOU lending a Helping Hand, and doing likewise?  Now, isn’t showing our LOVE and CARING SPIRIT for Mankind, what Valentine’s Day is really all ABOUT?

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