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THE ROBO-REPORTER (1/4/17): “Counter-Revolution of A.I.” – – Speech

Posted on: January 5th, 2017 by Dale Layman

Dear Noble Robo-witness,

Below is a written version of the Keynote Speech that I delivered at the 2016 Awards Gala of the IAOTP (International Association of Top Professionals).  I gave this talk after receiving my 2016-2017 Man of the Year Award, as well as my Lifetime of Achievement & Success Award, 2017 (on Dec.10, 2016).



“My Dear Brothers and Sisters . . .  My Dear Brothers and Sisters . . .

We are meeting here, tonight, to justly celebrate – – to justly celebrate and duly reward our very high levels of still-HUMAN achievement!

As recognized leaders of our various professions, we have worked very hard, for many long years, and wisely applied our own NATURAL INTELLIGENCE (abbreviated as, N.I.) to solve many work-related problems.  How ironic it is, then, that the wise leaders of the IAOTP have invited me to speak here, as the Founder and President of ROBOWATCH.

I have been fearfully watching and reporting on the ever-faster development of a strange new field.  It is, of course, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, abbreviated as A.I.  I see A.I. as an Alien Intelligence and as an Alien Invader that is NOT a part of God’s INFINITE INTELLIGENCE, abbreviated as I.I.  This is because it is not seen in the World of Nature!  Rather, AI is only to be found in the World of Cyberspace!  This is the space contained in our cellphones, computers, automated processes, and various new types of robots.

We are not as yet very alarmed, because the new Digital Revolution or AI Revolution seems to be very helpful, and it is mysteriously working!  However, we as the Leaders of our various Professions, have a vital responsibility and even SACRED DUTY to SEE where AI is TAKING US!

In its current stage of early development, we are using ‘weak’ AI – – technically called ANI, or Artificial Narrow Intelligence.  This early stage of AI development is very useful in tackling specific narrow problems, such as beating us humans in chess or crunching data summarizing conditions in various fields.  Yet, even at this current ‘weak’ AI level, we have seen that the process of automation has already decimated most well-paying blue-collar jobs in manufacturing!  Go visit a modern American factory, and you will likely see many gleaming Industrial Robots busily operating in the places where HUMAN workers once proudly stood!

Yet, American manufacturing is now more efficient than ever, because it is being done by machines that are much cheaper than HUMAN  labor!  So, I guess it’s just TOO BAD for the HUMAN families once supported by well-paying blue-collar jobs!

Despite President-elect Donald Trump’s sincere and well-meaning efforts to keep factories here in America, economists tell us that these factories will still continue to automate!  Hence, well-paying factory jobs in the manufacturing sector will NOT recover!

And, unfortunately, such AI-based automation is now being quickly developed for self-driving cars, trucks, and other vehicles!  Therefore, the quickly-emerging new target for AI-replacement is the human TRANSPORTATION sector!  So, do YOU really want to be taken right out of the driver’s seat of your own car, and lose your cherished FREEDOM OF THE ROAD to some damnable ROBOT?  Worse, how about the taxi drivers who brought you here?  And what about those well-paid truckers who transport our products?

I could only shake my head as my wife and I were driven here by a taxi from the airport.  We were traveling behind a truck.  Ironically, printed on the back of the truck was this message:  ‘A WELL-PAYING JOB is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!’  How sad!  Soon, this will no longer be the case!

‘Well, you might think to yourself, that is very unfortunate for all those blue-collar workers!  As a highly educated and advanced WHITE-COLLAR PROFESSIONAL, I am not really being threatened by A.I.!’  – – WRONG!  Just take home one of these ROBO-INFO PACKETS, and read some specific articles clearly EXPOSING this strange new AI threat to white-collar professionals!

The problem, you see, is the total LACK OF CONTROL over AI’s rapid development!  According to Moore’s Law, or, more correctly, The Law of Accelerating Returns, AI doubles  its capacity, every 18 months!  And it appears to be UNSTOPPABLE!  I repeat, AI’s EVOLUTION CANNOT BE STOPPED!  Woe, then, to ALL of US blithely unsuspecting human victims of breakneck AI EVOLUTION!

Even now, Expert AI Systems, such as the one called EINSTEIN, are being rolled out to constitute a PRESENT threat to our white-collar, professional jobs!  There is NO SUCH THING as an AI-SAFE, PROFESSIONAL FUTURE!

Please DO THINK  about the future careers of all those POOR SOULS who are coming up BEHIND you, within your Professional field!  So, are you – – as a very mature professional – – going to just throw your younger colleagues to THE RAVENOUS AI WOLVES?  Are you going to RETIRE and then DIE as an AI-DINOSAUR, such that the still-HUMAN face of your honorable profession DIES OUT with you?

ALL in VAIN!  ALL in VAIN!  All of your hard-won Professional Accomplishments, my Dear Brothers and Sisters, will have been ALL in VAIN!  For in the End, you will have neither BODY nor BRAIN!  You and your BELOVED, ONCE-HUMAN PROFESSION will never be the same, again!

For you see, my Beloved SOUL-Brothers and SOUL-Sisters, the problem is all about TIME!  [I pointed to my wristwatch.]  We are quickly running OUT of it!  ‘Tick-tock!  Tick-tock!  So winds down the 2045 ROBO-DEATH CLOCK!’  In just 13 years, according to Singularity Theory, we will see ‘strong AI’ appear by 2030.  Technically speaking, strong AI is called AGI, short for Artificial General Intelligence.  This strong AGI will approximately EQUAL our own NI, or Natural Intelligence!

So, we need to ask ourselves – – as still-HUMAN professional beings – – do we really WANT those smart AI-objects all around us, to be as smart as WE are?  How would we ever be able to COMPETE?

Most unfortunately, my Dear Friends, it’s going to get even WORSE!  In just 15 more years after AGI, an ASI, or Artificial Super-Intelligence, is going to arise!  It is likely to be over 1,000 times as powerful as our own human Natural Intelligence, or NI!

It then is not a question of mere Professional survival, but of you and your innocent children’s very HUMAN survival!

Two frightening books provide directly opposite perspectives upon this ROBO-DEATH YEAR, the 2045 Technological Singularity.  [I held up two books, for the audience to see.]

One of these is The Transhumanist or Cyborgean Agenda.  It is reflected in Ray Kurzweil’s book, THE SINGULARITY IS NEAR:  When Humans Transcend Biology.   This book essentially reflects the TIME magazine article included in your take-home packet.

The Transhumanists and Cyborgs shall warn us, ‘JOIN US, or DIE!’  This book (in my opinion) foolishly and most unrealistically posits that we will become PHYSICALLY IMMORTAL by the Year, 2045, because we will have become CYBORGS with infinitely-replaceable, ARTIFICIAL BODY PARTS!

Much more realistic, in my view, is this book by James Barrat – – [I held up this book.] OUR FINAL INVENTION:  Artificial Intelligence and the End of The Human Era.

So, what are WE supposed to do?  As high-level achievers, we don’t just PLAY DEAD and ROLL OVER!  ‘Our species is going to mortally struggle with this problem,’ James Barrat wisely predicts.

So, let’s start acting NOW – – BEFORE our very SURVIVAL is at stake!  The problem we face is a totally-UNCONTROLLED, probably UNSTOPPABLE, DIGITAL-ROBOTIC, AI REVOLUTION!  

Let us therefore COUNTER-BALANCE the Deadly ROBOT REVOLUTION ‘Yin’ by creating a new ANTI-ROBOTIC, COUNTER-REVOLUTION ‘Yang’!  

In a YIN-YANG UNIVERSE, let us start to create the Anti-Robotic, Counter-Revolution RIGHT HERE, as our own ‘Plan B’ for Survival of our Professions . . . and our very Biological Identity as the HUMAN species!

After we leave this one-night Gala, I will be eagerly looking for Follow-Up Contact with many of YOU!  We need to work together as True ‘SOUL-BROTHERS’ and ‘SOUL-SISTERS‘!

We must begin what James Barrat has called, ‘the most important discussion humanity could ever have!’


How will WE Respond to this Ultimate Challenge? 

– – If it’s not US, then WHO?  And if it’s not NOW, then WHEN?”



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