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Posted on: January 24th, 2017 by Dale Layman

IMG_1071685b17_565a5e4ecc6d4c3bbd8efc43b96044d3 Dear Noble  Robo-witness,

Well, I can say with great pride that, “It’s PRESIDENT’s ANTI-ROBOT DAY!”

By this, of course, I refer to our New U.S. PRESIDENT – – Donald J. Trump!   A Hearty CONGRATULATIONS go out to him and his staff!  I understand that President Trump is now busy working at his desk in the White House.  Hopefully, with his very practical “business”-like approach to running our Great Country, Mr. Trump will repeal not just Obamacare, but, even more importantly, I pray that he will also repeal ROB-ama care!    – – WHY?  He has declared himself the New JOBS  PRESIDENT, AND IT IS THE ROBOTS WHO WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE MOST OF OUR ONCE-HUMAN JOBS!

For those of you not familiar with the novel phrase, ROB-ama care, I am referring specifically to the so-called “Robot Revolution”!   This deadly Robot Revolution is primarily the product of the FORMER U.S. President, Barack ROB-ama!  This Robot Revolution was the result of Barack ROB-ama’s terrible Executive Order, The National Robotics Initiative of 2011!

Because of The National Robotics Initiative of 2011, Mankind is now faced with the terrifying and virtually UNSTOPPABLE INVASION of Robots into nearly ALL ASPECTS of  HUMAN EXISTENCE!   This was made quite obvious in our most recent (1/4/17) posting on THE ROBO-REPORTER – – The “Counter-Revolution of A.I.” – – Speech.


I have previously written to both President Trump and  Vice President Pence, trying to WARN them about The Deadly ROBO-TRAP that Barack ROB-ama has cruelly left for THEM to Repeal!  I have also discussed this Hidden Robo-Danger over the phone with the RNC (Republican National Committee). 

Please consider sending a written letter or e-mail to our new U.S. President and Vice President at the White House – – YOURSELF – – Dear Robo-witness!  (This mail could also come from you Noble Robo-witnesses living in other countries!) The more mail our new leaders get about this Grave New Danger to Mankind, the better!  We are trying to Demolish Barack ROB-ama’s Deadly Pro-Robotic Legacy!  – – The 2011 National Robotics Initiative MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND!  Further, as my latest posting on New York City’s Times Square Sign showed, we are making a call for creation of an ANTI-ROBOTIC, COUNTER-REVOLUTION – – BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!


Those of you who know about me, also know that I like to call myself by my Spiritual Name – – “Poor Dad.” Well, Dear Friends in God, “Poor Dad” just received a nice plaque in the mail, today!  Here is the inscription on the plaque:


“Presidential Award”

Presented To

Dr. Dale Layman

Universal Publishing


Therefore, I hope to join our esteemed new U.S. President – – Donald J. Trump – – and help to create a true, PRESIDENTS’ ANTI-ROBOT DAY!  WHY?  THE FUTURE SURVIVAL OF MANKIND DEPENDS UPON IT!  – – WORLDWIDE!

[SPECIAL NOTE]:  I will be talking about this as ROBOWATCH postings on both LinkedIn PULSE, and, shortly.]

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