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THE ROBO-REPORTER (12/14/16): “Remember The Titanic!”: Billboard Image and PR Report

Posted on: December 15th, 2016 by Dale Layman

Dear Noble Robo-witness,

This article closely follows our two LATEST “Robo-” Press Releases from Continental Who’s Who! (Please refer back to THE ROBO-REPORTER, 12/5/16).

Our Latest “Robo-” Billboard Posting on TIMES SQUARE, NEW YORK CITY!

  The detailed billboard Heading reads as follows:  PR Newswire – –

Dr. Dale Pierre Layman:  Remember the Titanic: Call For An Anti-Robotic, Counter-Revolution

The billboard Caption alongside my photo (maroon background) reads: CONTINENTAL WHO’S WHO Recognizes  – – DR. DALE PIERRE LAYMAN,  AUTHOR, ROBOWATCH LLC

This is the third billboard we have been given, on Times Square!  And THIS one is the Very Best! – – Why?  Here, the leaders of Continental Who’s Who have NOT SHOWN FEAR of “Scaring the New-Yorkers”!  GOOD AND MANY THANKS FOR YOU – – CONTINENTAL WHO’S WHO!  You have Mercifully Shown The New Yorkers that we are calling for the creation of . . . AN ANTI-ROBOTIC, COUNTER-REVOLUTION!  We are calling for a Clear ALTERNATIVE “Plan B” Solution to the seemingly ENDLESS evolution of ROBOTICS AND A.I. (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE)!  As such, we are giving our Future Children a Chance to Survive – –  Beyond the Dreaded Robo-DEATH YEAR, 2045!

The Continental Who’s Who Press Release Tracking Report

Continental Who’s Who has a Tracking Report for the Two Fine Press Releases, that we talked about in THE ROBO-REPORTER blog, (12/5/16).  I count a total of 139 Media outlets featuring these news items: They start with YAHOO! FINANCE and YAHOO! SINGAPORE, and end with Silicon    These types of outlets include Global News Portals, Newspapers, PR Newswire, Broadcast Media (TV stations), Trade Publications, News & Information Services (Canada and elsewhere), Online News Sites & Other Influencers, as well as Blogs.  We are REALLY getting Worldwide Exposure of this Vital Information for Mankind!  THANKS AGAIN, CONTINENTAL WHO’S WHO!

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