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THE ROBO-REPORTER (11/8/16): WAKE UP, TRUMP! Blame Robots (Not Trade)! [See VIDEO!]

Posted on: November 8th, 2016 by Dale Layman

IMG_0002  Dear Noble Robo-Witness,

PLEASE WATCH A VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO!  It is entitled, “How robots paved the way for Donald Trump.” It can be found at,…lu=X3oDMTBybGY3bmpvBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZOaWQDBHNIYwNzcg–


“Trump may have robots to thank for his success,” a female interviewer for Yahoo finance reveals.  She talks about this strange phenomenon with Rick Newman, a columnist for Yahoo Finance.

“Technology and automation have eliminated many factory jobs,” Newman explains.  “Where are the good jobs for Middle Class people?  Trump claims jobs have gone overseas.  He says the solution is to re-work trade deals.  But some recent research [from Rice University] suggests this may be the wrong solution.  There has been a massive substitution of technology and machines for many formerly human factory jobs.  This is good reason for frustration, but the jobs are not just being lost to China.”

“It’s literally robots and robot arms!  If the problem is technology, then it is still cheaper for many factory owners to replace humans with machines!”

The Major Danger To Mankind! 

“But automation has been replacing people in factories for many years, now!” the interviewer reflects.  “Why is this becoming so much of an issue, now?”

The pace of [robotic] adoption is speeding up!” Newman answered.  “The next area where robots swagger in, is transportation!  It’s not just a matter of us having our individual cars becoming robots!  It also means robot trucks, shipping docks, and warehouses!”

  “You can’t stop technology, really.   I’m not sure you’d WANT to!  – – THAT’s how we measure progress!” Newman confounds and weakens his argument against robots. “It’s HERE!  It’s not going to stop!  – – THAT’s the POINT!


I am most fearful when I hear Newman admit this terrifying fact about robots and AI: You can’t stop technology!  It’s HERE!  It’s not going to stop!

This stark realization is an example of Moore’s Law, claiming that AI doubles its power about every 18 months!  The danger to our very humanity is this:  “Tick-Tock!  So Winds Down The 2045 ROBO-DEATH CLOCK!”

I have reached out to Donald Trump, via the Donald J. Trump MAKE AMERICA GREAT COMMITTEE, several times!  I mailed the COMMITTEE a copy of the December, 2015, INDUSTRY EXPERTS magazine, where I appear on the cover and as the main story.  – – No response from them!  Being a Trump campaign donor, I have received several phone calls from their reps. During the last call, I pleaded to the rep to make Barack ROB-ama and his damnable “ROBOT REVOLUTION” a major theme of their campaign!  “Hit ’em where they ain’t!” I suggested in casual suggestion.  “They won’t be expecting an attack against his Robot Revolution!”

   The phone rep’s response?  “We don’t have time to vett this idea!”  Therefore, Dear Witness, we have lost a Golden Opportunity!  We can only hope and pray that, if Donald Trump is elected our next President of the United States, that he will repeal not just Obamacare, but also ROB-ama’s Executive Orders that created the 2011 National Robotics Initiative, as well as the Strategic Computing Initiative of 2015!

WHY?  – – For Now, More Than Ever, Mankind Needs A Friend!

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