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THE ROBO-REPORTER (11/18/16): THE NEW “ROBO-” MANHATTAN PROJECT! Secret Development of ASI (Artificial Super-Intelligence)!

Posted on: November 18th, 2016 by Dale Layman

Dear Noble Robo-Witness,

Please find below an exact duplicate of a new “Conversation Starter” I have created.  It is part of my immediate acceptance of the kind invitation of Steve Elliot, Senior Publishing Editor Engineering, Cambridge University Press.  Editor Elliot extended his hand, and warmly invited me to join a Special Group on It is called, The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Group – Cambridge University Press.  The short entry you see below, then, is my immediate (and very passionate) response to Editor Elliot’s flattering invitation to start a conversation, as a new member of this group.  It reflects my anger and passion against the Coming Secret Creation of ASI – – Artificial Super-Intelligence – – WORLDWIDE!  Woe be To Mankind!



This is being developed for THE 2016 ROBOWATCH REPORT as a VERY STIMULATING (and much-needed-to-be-seen Powerpoint presentation) which should be SHARED widely!  You need to consider “Yang,” not just “Yin”!  This novel and awe-inspiring presentation is part of a New Global HUMAN RIGHTS Initiative – – Creation of an ANTI-ROBOTIC, COUNTER-REVOLUTION!  

The current so-called Computer Revolutions and Robot Revolutions are far too one-sided, symmetry-breaking transformations!  Their dangerous ASYMMETRY is an affront to engineering in both Nature and mechanical manifestations!  This clearly indicates to me, that the fundamental assumptions of these disciplines have not been well thought-out, as far as their “Telophase” or “Omega Points” – – THEIR FINAL, FATAL END-GAME!  Restore bilateral (mirror-image) symmetry to the engineering and mechanical professions!  YOU ARE ALL GOING TO BECOME CYBORGS/TRANSHUMANISTS!

Are you really SURE that you want to destroy our Children’s Far-Flung Future?  “Tick-Tock!  So Winds Down The 2045 ROBO-Death Clock” (according to Singularity Theory)!   MANKIND ISN’T EVEN GOING TO HAVE A CHANCE!  NOW, STAND UP AND DEBATE THE HONORABLE DR. DALE LAYMAN (aka, “Poor Dad”)!  YOUR ROBO-CONVENTIONAL THINKING IS NOW STRONGLY BEINGimg_0001 CHALLENGED!

SO, ARE YOU ALL TOO COCKSURE AND SUPREMELY ARROGANT TO RESPOND TO A DEBATE CHALLENGE BY A WORLD-NOTED ANTI-ROBOTIC ACHIEVER?  OR ARE YOU ALL TOO AFRAID?  Now, More Than Ever, MANKIND NEEDS A FRIEND!  (Did you think that God would send No Fool? – – One [who] would dare to debate the current asymmetrical dominance of machine-linked thinking!)


[SPECIAL NOTE:  This strong Debate Challenge is also being published on LinkedIn Pulse, and on]sample_banner


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