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THE ROBO-REPORTER (10/8/17): The AI Revolution [TV]: “Will Robots Really Take Your Job?”

Posted on: October 9th, 2017 by Dale Layman

Dear Robo-Witness,

Just today (Sunday, October 8, 2017), I watched the Fox News television show, THE NEXT REVOLUTION, with Steve Hilton.   One of the topics discussed was, “The Artificial Intelligence Revolution:  Will Robots Really Take  

Your Job?”

Most unfortunately, I found this critically important discussion about AI and robots taking our human jobs to be way too brief, and all too fast and superficial!  Nevertheless, numbered, below, are a few of the facts and concerns mentioned:

(1.)  We’re used to asking our phones for directions, and Alexa for guidance.  So, we humans have already created AI (Artificial Intelligence) – – That’s why it’s “artificial”!  We now find it all around us.  It just keeps getter smarter!

(2.)  Elon Musk (the inventor) has made a number of Apocalyptic Predictions about AI replacing us!

(3.)  Nearly 2/3 of Americans think that we humans – – in the future – – will have to struggle against the robots, to find jobs!

(4.) AI algorithms (pronounced as AL-guh-RITH-ums) are step-by-step rules and procedures for solving problems using computers, by means of specific math or logical operations.  “AI algorithms are now spreading, more and more quickly!”

(5.)  An author named Tim O’Reilly – – “one of Silicon Valley’s leading intellectuals” – – has a new book out, entitled, WTF (What’s The Future), including, “AI and The Economy.”   O’Reilly briefly appeared, stating that he’s “sick and tired of people talking about robots taking our jobs”!  He curtly replied that, “It’s only if we tell them that!  The robot is actually the system!  Our financial markets are vast digital systems.  We believe in the Divine Right of Capitalism – – where are all of the Fruits of Our Labor are paid to the business owners!  We ultimately bake in these instructions!”

As far as robots taking human jobs, O’Reilly cited the example of the online business of Amazon:  “They may put 45,000 robots into their warehouses, but add 250,000 more jobs for people!” 


This show and its very shallow, basically pro-AI discussion (by a biased Silicon Valley Man) completely IGNORED the fast-arriving, OVERWHELMING THREAT OF AI, COMPUTER, AND ROBOTIC DOMINANCE OVER NEARLY ALL HUMAN AFFAIRS!    Thus, it’s not just a matter of losing our JOBS to the Machines!  The author, Tim O’Reilly, says the robots will only take our jobs, “if we tell them, that!”   This statement is utterly RIDICULOUS and extremely SHORT-SIGHTED!  He quite arrogantly and brusquely presumes that the robots (and their embedded AI) will never evolve to the point of FAR-SURPASSING OUR OWN HUMAN NI (NATURAL INTELLIGENCE)!  What I mean is this:  Yes, the robots, computers, and their AI will do what we tell them to do – – for NOW!   But as they continue to quickly DOUBLE their capacity every two years or so (according to Moore’s Law), they may start to IGNORE what we tell them to do, and act on their OWN behalf!  We should not allow this arrogant, pro-AI, Silicon Valley-biased, author, to remove our much-needed fear about speedy AI-evolution through time!


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