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  Figure 1.  A Humanoid Robot Tromping Over A Field of Human Skulls Dear Noble Robo-Witness, As the Year 2018 arrives, what are we seeing?  According to USA TODAY (1/5/18) and Edward C. Baig, “It’ll be AI everything – – and all things smart.”  Baig is referring to the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), going on […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (11/22/17): Are You (Or Your Kid) A DIGITAL ADDICT?

source November 22, 2017

THE BRAIN FINALLY FACES ITS OWN ADDICTION Dear Noble Robo-Witness, About two weeks ago, THE TUCKER CARLSON SHOW on Fox News, talked about Internet Addiction (abbreviated, IA), as being a rapidly-growing problem.  Tucker and his guests complained about several of the leaders who created Facebook.  He claimed they actually knew that this social media site was going to be highly addictive to its […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (10/12/17): Economy & Warfare Now Being Transformed By AI!

buy discounted cytotec online October 13, 2017

Dear Noble Robo-Witness, On October 1st, I attended “The New Nuclear Landscape and its Implications for International Security,” a presentation hosted by the Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists.  You may recall an earlier posting, THE ROBO-REPORTER (4/24/17):  Perils of AI; “Are We Really Going To Live FOREVER?”  Within this prior post, I cited the 3/3/17 meeting of the Bulletin, and how […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (10/8/17): The AI Revolution [TV]: “Will Robots Really Take Your Job?”

October 9, 2017

Dear Robo-Witness, Just today (Sunday, October 8, 2017), I watched the Fox News television show, THE NEXT REVOLUTION, with Steve Hilton.   One of the topics discussed was, “The Artificial Intelligence Revolution:  Will Robots Really Take   Your Job?” Most unfortunately, I found this critically important discussion about AI and robots taking our human jobs to be way […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (10/03/17): Deep AI Learning – – Does BIG DATA “Need” HUMAN Analysis?

October 3, 2017

Dear Noble Robo-Witness, Look at the above figure, and see how Barack ROB-ama – – “President of the ROB-ots” – – for over 8 long years, has been “Moving Us Forward” by pushing us ever farther DOWN, DOWN, DOWN – – DEEP DOWN into the seemingly Bottomless BLACK HOLE of CYBERSPACE! Largely due to ROB-ama’s earlier creation of […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (9/15/17): Crystal Lifetime Award, Marquis Who’s Who

September 15, 2017

Dear Noble Robo-Witness, I have just received the Marquis Who’s Who, black crystal Lifetime Award.  The black crystal reads as follows: Marquis Who’sWho      The Honorable Dr. Dale P. Layman, Ph.D., Grand Ph.D. in Medicine has been selected as a MARQUIS WHO’S WHO LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT  inductee representing outstanding professional dedication and career longevity.       […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (8/31/17): 2 Robots With “Secret Language” FINALLY Get Shut Down!

September 1, 2017

Dear Noble Robo-Witness, Well, even Mark Zuckerberg, who has publicly praised AI, finally just HAD to DO it!  Early this August, he finally had to SHUT DOWN two, totally-out-of-control,  AI chatbots on FACEBOOK!   The chatbots are technically called Lingodroids (pronounced as, LIN-goh-droyds).  These are robots that literally have “manlike tongues”!  Of course, these droids actually make sounds with speakers (not tongues). […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (7/25/17): See The “Red-Eyed” Robot From “HELL”! Visit This Site!

July 26, 2017

Dear Noble Robo-Witness, In strong reinforcement of our last post (on 7/16/17), I would like to introduce you to, “The Red-Eyed ROBOT From HELL!”  You can see this Fearsome Spectacle for yourself, when you visit Dale Layman – – WHO’S WHO LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT , which is now published on the Albert Nelson Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievers website.  Please […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (7/16/17): Layman Gets New “Lifetime Achievement Award”!

July 17, 2017

Dear Noble Robo-Witness, Here is a partial overview of our latest (and one of our most prestigious) awards!: THE ALBERT NELSON MARQUIS LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: “The Honorable Dr. Dale Pierre Layman, PhD, Grand PhD in Medicine Named A Lifetime Achiever by Marquis Who’s Who Dr. Layman has been endorsed by Marquis Who’s Who as a leader […]

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May 27, 2017

Dear Noble Robo-Witness, I have just watched a very revealing new video on Yahoo Finance!  It is entitled, “James Cameron:  Machines are a more valid threat than when I made ‘Terminator’.”   (Please go to, Here are a few excerpts from Nicole Sinclair’s video interview of the Film Director, James Cameron, who made The Terminator movies: “Cameron’s films often […]

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