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THE ROBO-REPORTER (8/24/16): Will “Robot Umpires” Make HUMAN Umpires R.I.P.?

August 25, 2016

Dear Noble-Robowitness, I have recently found a very interesting article in THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE (8/14/16)!  It is entitled, “Robot umpire advocates:  Look beyond ballpark.”    It was written by John Kass, a popular Opinion Writer for the TRIBUNE. John Kass takes the most unusual step of connecting the game of baseball to the so-called Robot Revolution – – WITH […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (8/19/16): New Award Banner, Granted!

August 19, 2016

Dear Robo-Witness, Please view this attached logo: We are very proud to be allowed to use the above Award Banner for the corporate logo and seal of the IAOTP (International Association of Top Professionals).  To quote their message to me:  “You can use this on all your professional correspondence to show that you are an honored member with […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (8/16/16): Layman Now A “PINNACLE” Of Achievement!

August 17, 2016

Dear Robo-Witness, I am delighted to share with you my latest award.  It is my new, PINNACLE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP within the CONTINENTAL WHO’S WHO REGISTRY of National Business Leaders.     (Please see Let us now quote the first header sentence in their Executive Press Release: “Plainfield, Ill.  – – Continental Who’s Who Recognizes The Honorable Dr. Dale Pierre […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (8/16/16): “Steel-Collared” ROBO-Workers Marching!

August 16, 2016

Dear Robo-Witness, There are legions of so-called “Steel-Collared” ROBO-Workers now on the March!  These strange new kind of “Workers” are no longer human, yet they are all-too-quickly marching into the U.S. workplace and “stealing” the high-paying jobs of many unsuspecting “Blue-Collar” Workers! “SO – – WHO, OR RATHER, WHAT, WILL BUILD YOUR NEXT HOME?” According to a recent […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (8/12/16): Robowatch Now on FACEBOOK!

August 12, 2016

Dear Robo-Witness, As was suggested by the previous post, ROBOWATCH is now on FACEBOOK!  I have read, just yesterday (in the pages of USA TODAY), that Facebook has some 1.7 BILLION USERS, WORLDWIDE! Please see, therefore, my quickly-growing essays and “Friend-Count” on FACEBOOK! “WHY have you suddenly been going onto Facebook?” the inquiring reader may well ask.  I […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (8/12/16): Honoring My Former Student – – Mrs. Melody Anderson, R.N.

Dear Robo-Witness, I am most pleased to share with you, a Special Thanks and Worldwide Recognition! I am joyfully extending this Special Thanks to: “ROBOWATCH:   MRS. MELODY ANDERSON, R.N.  – – My ‘First Facebook’ NURSE HEROINE!”  (Melody is one of my really  Stand-Out former students – – in the Millennial Year, 2000!  Find out the details!) […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (8/10/16): “Member of the Year” and Thanks To Heather Gault

August 10, 2016

Dear Robo-Witness, I would like to share with you my personal thanks to Heather Gault, Senior Editor at Bristol Who’s Who.  I gladly accept their recommendation of me for “Member of the Year, 2016.”  Please see the following Press Release: I now also refer you to my latest posting on Linkedin PULSE.  It is entitled, ROBOWATCH:  “Intelligence Explosion” of […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (8/2/16): Layman Twice-Honored by NOTABLE ALUMNI

August 3, 2016

Dear Robo-Witness, I am happy to announce my selection for 2 major honors by The Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni  (WWANA).    Their website is at    “WHO WE ARE.  The Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni is an international registry and networking forum dedicated to aggregating and honoring top alumni, professionals and executives from prestigious universities and institutions across […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (7/27/16): 2 New “ELITE” Awards Received!

July 27, 2016

Dear Noble Robo-Witness, We have just received two new “ELITE” awards from Worldwide Branding!  As you can see from the above blue logo, we have been designated as a, “SEARCH THE ELITE 2016 HONOREE.” (1.)  “SEARCH THE ELITE  Recognizes The Honorable Dr. Dale P. Layman, Ph.D., Grand PhD in Medicine as an HONORED MEMBER.  The above […]

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THE ROBO-REPORTER (7/23/16): A SPECIAL SALUTE! – – Cherry Hill Studio; Gammon Group

July 23, 2016

Dear Noble Robo-Witness, Please allow me to raise my right hand and give a Special Salute!  We give a Special Salute to: (1.) CHERRY HILL STUDIO (Joliet, Illinois, USA; and the O’Connor Family (in particular, to DAN O’CONNOR)!  It was Dan O’Connor who patiently and very wisely guided me in posing for a “Robo-Photo Shoot” late this […]

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